Project: 365 notes in 365 days

PROJECT – to write 365 hand written notes on handmade cards and mail or deliver them in 365 days!

Project: 365 hand written notes sent or delivered in 365 days

Project: 365 hand written notes sent or delivered in 365 days

This means that I would send the equivalent of one card per day for one year.  Do you think it is possible? Well, I do, because I did it this past year.  I started on June 14, 2013 and finished on June 14, 2014.

The idea came about for several different reasons – the biggest one being that I wanted to lift people up.  I have this quote in the front of my journal that inspires me ” The purpose of writing inspirational notes is to build others up because there are too many people in the demolition business today.” by Norman Vincent Peale

The second biggest reason that it came about was because I have health problems that limit my mobility sometimes.  Until we figured out how to deal with them I would find myself getting depressed and not thinking very nicely about myself because I could not just be normal!! But then I realized that I could touch people’s lives without even leaving my home or my bed.

I talked with my husband about it – I had tried this a few years before and only made it 2 and a half months before I gave up! But as we talked about it I made a commitment to try again and this time succeed!!  So with my husband willing to pay for the many postage stamps I would need – I dug deep into making cards when I felt good and writing notes in them on an almost daily basis.

Now, I don’t want you to think I was always perfect at this but I did pretty much stay as close to the schedule as I could.  When I could feel my discouragement and frustration rise I would remind myself to think of others and then I would get busy writing notes in cards.  All in all, it was a wonderful experience – so wonderful, in fact that I have started my second year of

Project: 365 notes in 365 days!  I began on June 14th of this year and my end date will be June 14th of 2015!

 Maybe you could join me in this goal of lifting others up with beautiful cards we have made – filled with hand written notes of love, strength, and encouragement!! Maybe you could start with 7 days, then try 14 days, do  it a little by little and pretty soon you are spreading all kinds of beauty into the world with your hand written notes!! If you decide to join me then let me know how long you are going for and I will be a cheerleader for you!! I don’t hesitate to challenge you to do this because I know it truly makes a difference!! Think about it and let me know, and meanwhile Thanks for visiting – may you be blessed with a beautiful day!!

3 thoughts on “Project: 365 notes in 365 days

  1. 1
    Paula Guthrie says:

    That is soooo cool! I even got a card! Thanks for the belated birthday card! Thanks for sharing yourself!!

  2. 2
    Patti J. says:

    You are such an amazing, thoughtful person! This is such a good idea! Hugs…

  3. 3
    Belinda B says:

    What a terrific idea. I too have mobility issues and seldom venture out. This would be a good challenge for me as well. Thank you for the idea. Hope you are achieving more mobility by the day.

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