Hello!! and an update!

I am embarrassed and a little frustrated with myself for taking so very long to post something here. If you have reached out to me please forgive the lack of a response, it has no reflection on you whatsoever, but it helps me see just how overwhelmed with stress and worry I have been.

To say nothing of coping with day to day life. My 2 youngest children are still in school. My daughter is in 11th grade and my son is in 6th grade. We also have a son who is 20 and living at home with us. I have felt that I was just drowning. Besides the health problems I have been having – I have caught every communicable disease/flu/cold that my kiddos have brought home from school.
and on top of it all – everyone still needs a moderately clean environment to live in, clean clothes to wear and food to eat – oh, they always want to eat!!

A shout out to my wonderful husband who has handled SO much of this for me when I couldn’t!! Oh, He is a keeper!!!

My life was also blessed/taken over by a call from the Lord to work with the Young Women in the youth group at our church. 16 beautiful girls, my own daughter included – planning weekly activities for them, Sunday lessons for them, and occasional weekend trips and a week long camping trip this Summer. I work with 3 other amazingly talented ladies but there is much work and service to be done by all of us. This happened in mid December – I really felt like the Lord needed me to serve with them so I said yes when I was asked.


There have been happy things – Christmas, 29th wedding anniversary  a new grandchild was born, lots of time spent taking care of my 3 cute granddaughters (the pic above is a darling play-doh emoji made by my very creative oldest granddaughter!)  and now finally a diagnosis of a healthy heart.

Some blood pressure problems and Diabetes seem to be at the root of my fainting. I am looking forward to figuring out how to feel better. I have been 50 to 60 pounds overweight the last 10 years, at least. I will be taking some nutrition classes and changing my eating styles and I have already lost 7 pounds in the last 10 days.

I share all of this with you because of the friendships I have made with many of you and for the thoughtful concerns and queries that have been sent my way.

Have a wonderful day – you all will be the first to know when I find myself back blogging. I do miss it but my life seems to have continued on without it SO I do have a decision to make and I just don’t feel ready or in the right mindset to make  one right now.

Love – Taunya Butler
A.K.A. Daisiesgirl (more so in my mind still and not in actual presence)