Not Sure What to Say

Hello, long time, no see!

That is my fault not yours!! And unfortunately I can’t really say when I will be back.

Life has been stressful for me and I have not been able to decide what to do!

I have not really crafted since before I fell – the bird card you see on facebook was done in the end of October and never blogged about!!

Here is a pic of it:


I have experienced some questions about my health and currently we are looking into heart troubles!

I apologize for not knowing when I will come back – but life feels to uncertain to me at this time and the idea of blogging and commenting again causes me SO much stress!! And Stress is what we are trying to avoid!

I appreciate you all so much and want to thank you for your friendships!

Take care and please forgive if I have not responded to something from you – My laptop died and I was out of the computer business for a while! Hugs to you!!!!