Week 4 Tuesday GIVEAWAY

The CASEing Kelly Blog Hop is HERE!!!

Today marks the Seventh of 8 giveaways that I will be doing for the month of October –

I am celebrating my BLOGAVERSARY!!!!

Today I have the prize and


Here is today’s prize:


And The QUESTION is….

What is your favorite adhesive – as card makers we go through lots of it – so what do you use? 

My favorite is anything made by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L – they have fabulous products such as double stick tape and I love their foam squares and shapes!!! I also go through a lot of tape runners from American Crafts!

You have until Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 at 10 pm (Mountain Standard Time) to leave me an answer to this question!!! I will let Random.org choose a winning comment and I will post the winner of this prize and the one I offer on Thursday this Saturday, October 31rst, 2015 by noon (MST)

Looking forward to hearing about what adhesive helps you in your crafting!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

34 thoughts on “Week 4 Tuesday GIVEAWAY

  1. 1

    My fav go to adhesive is Scotch ATG. Once I learned how to reload it I do not have any problems with changing out w/ refills. I also use Zig 2 Way adhesive, glue dots, foam adhesive & glossy accents is a good adhesive as well.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  2. 2
    Carol McGregor says:

    tombow glue and elmer craft bond tape runners. Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me. Love your blog.

  3. 3
    Alicia says:

    I am still using up my Creative Memories tape runner refills which I believe are the same thing as the 3L you use. I also use my ATG, lots of pop dots, glue dots, red lined tape, a glue pen and finally Beacon 3 in 1 adhesive for the really tricky items


  4. 4
    Carla Hundley says:

    I love my ATG tape gun!
    Use it mostly but also use
    liquid glue and other tape
    runners and foam tape.
    Carla from Utah

  5. 5

    I am a loyal Scotch ATG! I ordered rolls by the dozenn :-)

  6. 6
    Cheryl W says:

    I guess I use my ATG gun the most. I even buy the refill reels of tape in bulk because I use it so much! I did learn about a new (to me) glue stick when I was in Germany recently. A card making friend there told me she uses the UHU Contact Powerglue Stick. It’s a very strong adhesive that gives you some time to maneuver your paper into place. It doesn’t warp the paper and it will rub off the paper (leaving no mark) if you get some where you don’t want it. I have only found it at Dick Blick stores here, but I bought three sticks while in Germany at a local lumber/hardware store (called a Bauhaus). It was very inexpensive (only about $3 per stick) there.

  7. 7

    Happy Blogaversary! My favorite adhesive is old school Martha Stewart craft glue! It meets all my needs! I also use foam mounting tape for shaker cards, and foam pop dots which I can easily cut in half for tiny die cuts I want to pop off the page.
    Have a great day today!
    Take Care!

  8. 8
    jerrie says:

    My favorite is the Xyron. It just seems everything stays stuck!! Have a crafty day!

  9. 9
    LC says:

    I like to add dimension to my cards so I go through quite a few foam dots (usually EK success but whatever is available /on sale is fine too). I also really like using my dot adhesive/glue runner (Scotch or American Craft). It’s perfect for skinny ribbon, odd shaped die cuts or things with cut out patterns. This is such a great question! I’m always curious to know what products other crafters use. I love learning about fabulous products that make the job easier or that just work really well😊

  10. 10
    Sue says:

    Great prize, no one ever has enough stamps. I use several different adhesives, it depends on what I’m creating. I like to use Glossy Accents for the window element on my shaker cards, Tacky Glue for most other items, double sided tape and foam pads are also in my stash along with a few Xyron sticker makers. I don’t know if I have an actual favorite.


  11. 11
    chark says:

    I like the tombow dot runner and their liquid glue too…but I use all kinds.

  12. 12
    Christina Anne says:

    I love the Elmer Craft tape runners and their craft bond glue (I think that’s what it’s called:)

  13. 13
    Vicki says:

    Because I made hundreds of cards for Operation Write Home when it was operational I started using the ATG tape dispenser and tape runner from Tape Depot. It sticks like a champ, is very affordable, and arrives within days because we are both in Florida! I like Scrappy Glue when I am using a liquid adhesive, and Sookwang double sided tape in a variety of widths. This is what I use especially for narrow ribbon. I also like double sided foam adhesive for dimension without waste.

  14. 14
    Denise Ferguson says:

    I love my Tombow mono multi glue! It gives me a chance to move my card pieces around and get them almost perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. 15
    Julie C. says:

    My favorite adhesive is a craft glue from lake city craft company. It holds unbelievably well and dries matte. Its takes very little glue and works perfect when I’m quilling.

  16. 16

    Taunya, thank you for picking me last week as the winner of the Sew Easy. I meant to write in my comment to not include me int hat drawing as I already have one. So please redraw for that prize and give it to someone who can use it. I can’t find your email so sorry that it’s taken me so long to answer. Now as far as adhesives, it depends on what I am sticking together and how much space I have. Probably my most go to is my Scotch Tape Runner for cards. But I use a variety of other things too. Probably the next most used would be my Multi Medium Matte and Tombow Mono Liquid Glue. I couldn’t do without any of them. Hope you are feeling better.

  17. 17
    D.Ann C says:

    I like Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, too, but my favorite go-to for tough jobs is Tombow Xtreme! I use it for things that don’t stick well, like watercolor paper, embellies, etc. It takes a bit to get used to snapping it off at the end, but it’s SO worth it!!

  18. 18
    Indy says:

    My favorite adhesive is what is on sale! I am really not picky! I am sorry I haven’t made you a card yet. It is on my to do list. It just hasn’t been checked off! I am in my reading endorsement class right now sneaking in some blogging time!

  19. 19
    Patti J. says:

    So far, my favorite is the same as yours. Love those red runners! Hope your birthday month has been fun and special for you, my friend!

  20. 20
    karenladd says:

    Thanks for another fabulous giveaway! I love that stamp set. My favorite adhesive is my ATG gun and adhesive tape. I used to use small tape runners but would always have to refill or change cartridges because I make a lot of cards and scrapbook layouts. The ATG always looked so bulky and difficult to use, but people who used it swore by it. I took the plunge and found that it wasn’t heavy and hard to use at all and now I can’t live without it! Nothing like running out of adhesive mid-project to put a crimp in your motivation! I also love Sookwang double sided tape when I really need something to stick well.

  21. 21
    Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    I don’t need a prize, but I just had to gush that I love my Beacon’s 3-in-1 liquid adhesive and my ATG gun with the cheap rolls of tape from http://www.thetapedepot.com They have the best hold for the price. I usually wait for a % off sale that they have a couple times a year and go in on a 144 roll box with as many friends as I can wrangle up. It lasts me several years and I don’t have to worry about being generous with it for about $1 a roll. :)

  22. 22
    Darnell says:

    You bring beauty to every day, too, Taunya, and LOTS AND LOTS of sunshine!! Your sweet card is such a fantastic CASE of the three Kelly cards you chose! I love it and I know Kelly will, too!! I’m glad to see your Blogaversary posts are still going strong as you celebrate this wonderful milestone!! Hugs, Darnell

  23. 23
    Darnell says:

    Darn, sorry, Taunya! I always seem to have trouble posting my comment in the right spot!!

  24. 24
    Mimi says:

    I need to mark this post so I can review it the next time I’m at the craft store!!! Thanks for asking! I used to use a Herman fixer (runner with squares) for scrapbooking, but nowadays I love Viva Las Vegastamps double sided tape… I always use the 1/8″ and 1/4″ for almost everything, and i use it 90%+ of the time. I use a lot of an Elmer’s craft white glue and I’ll use any cheap foam pop-up dots… whatever is cheap on amazon!

  25. 25
    Nikki C says:

    My fave adhesive is glue and double sided tape. That’s what I mostly use thanks for sharing your anniversary with us hugs Nikki

  26. 26
    shartl says:

    I don’t use too much adhesive because I don’t have much time to craft but when I do I use Tombow Mono Adhesive because it’s easy to use and small enough that I can keep on in a drawer so it’s handy for projects. I also use glue sticks if something doesn’t have to last forever!

  27. 27
    Maria Anna says:

    My fav is Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L too! But also what is on sale! Thank yoy for this amazing chance!

  28. 28
    Dee Earnshaw says:

    I love my ATG tape runner and use on nearly all my projects. For small areas/ embellishments I go to my tombo mono liquid glue:)

  29. 29
    Becca Cruger says:

    Beacon 3-in-one craft glue! I seriously use it for EVERYTHING!!! It sticks instantly, dries uber quick (like in under a minute) and holds foreeeeeever. I can use it on paper but I can also glue down things like chipboard pieces.

  30. 30
    Denise Bryant says:

    Scotch double sided tape is my go-to fave!

  31. 31
    Karen P says:

    Collall all purpose from Crafters Companion – it sticks everything! Karen x

  32. 32
    Dawn~DesignsByDragonfly says:

    My favorite wet adhesive is Ranger’s Muli Medium Matte. My favorite tape adhesive is Tombo’s Mono Permanent runner. I also like my ATG runner but use the Tombo runner more since it is portable.
    {I know I am too late for the contest prize. I just wanted to play along}
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,

  33. 33
    KT Fit Kitty says:

    Hello, Taunya! I’ve already missed this giveaway but I wanted to answer the question for you. I use 3 adhesives: ATG, Ranger Multi Medium Matte, and Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate. Your Blogiversary has been a lot of fun – I am playing catch-up today to see what I’ve missed! I hope you are starting to feel a bit better, my friend.

  34. 34
    Monika Reeck says:

    I love scotch double tape and also UHU glue for big survace and I love the tombow mono glue too…they are my fav Taunya…happy weekend…hugs.Monika

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