Love Notes for Retreat # 2

Before I start this post – I have a confession to make:


I told myself I could BUT then found out I lied!!!

I am SO SORRY to have been lacking in the Commenting area – I know that I have not done well with that and have fallen GROSSLY behind!! I am OVERWHELMED and want to just start a fresh, clean slate!! I love all your blogs and love seeing what delights you dazzle us with and sharing with you what I enjoyed makes me happy so I  will try to be better!! Thank you for your understanding!!

On that note, let me add — I am blogging from bed today about my Retreat because I seem to have caught some kind of yucky flu bug!! Luckily pictures are all taken – and all I have to do is the actual post part!! Hope you enjoy Day # 3!

Today I want to share about the Love Notes Kit I made for each person! The idea was to encourage all my friends to notice nice things about each other and then tell them in a little note!

The Love Notes Kit looked like this:


And on the back – it had a description of what was in each kit:


And there was also a pen washi taped onto the back


And I closed it on the front with a mini tag and a black clothespin that I added a twine bow and button to!


Here are the mint, toothpicks, and chocolate kiss – this is how I bagged them up


NOW – For the MINI CARDS that went into the kit!!

I made 8 sets of 8 mini cards and I am going to show you 4 of them today!!

A Group photo of the second four cards


Card # 1 Love You


This card was made from a diecut from a Pebbles 12 by 12 paper! It was added to a premade card from Michaels along with a pink heart brad!! The size is 3 by 3 inches!

Card # 2 You Make Me Smile


Also 3 by 3 inches this card features another die cut from the same Pebbles 12 by 12 paper! I had cut some pink cardstock for these cards and used some envelopes that I had! Sequins were added to dazzle it up a bit!!

Card # 3 All You Have to Do is Fly


I feel so repetitious because this card is ALSO 3 by 3 inches and made with a Pebbles Die cut – layered it on some pink scraps from my scrap box!! I think this 12 by 12 piece of paper that I cut everything from is amazing!! I will post a pic at the end of the post!

Card # 4 Sweet


Made from a premade tab note – 2 by 3 inch size! I added Gold paper and a wood button from American Crafts that said Sweet on it – I tied some really thin jute twine through the button holes and used a 1″ glue dot to secure it to the card!!

Here is the picture of the sheet of die cuts that I cut up and used from Pebbles, Inc.

12 by 12 paper by Pebbles, Inc - From Me to You from Sunny Side Collection as it appeared before I cut it apart.

12 by 12 paper by Pebbles, Inc – From Me to You from Sunny Side Collection as it appeared before I cut it apart.

Here are all the pieces that I cut from the 12 by 12 paper - From Me to You in the Sunny Side Collection by Pebbles, Inc. 39 cute pieces in all!

Here are all the pieces that I cut from the 12 by 12 paper – From Me to You in the Sunny Side Collection by Pebbles, Inc.
39 cute pieces in all!

There you have it – the last 4 of the mini card sets I created for the Retreat!!

What a treat it was to make these for my friends to use!! They each had a set of 8, of the same design, in their Love Notes Kit!! I love sharing BEAUTIFUL things with those I love and care about!!

I will be back later today with the “corny” treat notes I gave them each day!! Lots of puns and playing on words!!

I am grateful for all the friends I have that enrich my life!! I appreciate EACH one of them, near and far!!

Because of the gratitude I have for you and how LUCKY I feel to know you –


I am giving away this Avery Elle Stamp Set AND a $15.00 Gift Certificate to a store of choice for

ONE of My LUCKY followers!!


You need to comment on ALL 4 of my Retreat posts – this is # 3

AND be a follower of my Blog!!

You will have until Wednesday, July 15th to comment and Winner will be announced on Thursday, July 16th!!

Thank YOU so much for being a friend and making my day with your visits!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

15 thoughts on “Love Notes for Retreat # 2

  1. 1

    Hope you get feeling better! As for these note cards, great use of the 12×12 sheet! They look darling, and I am sure your friends just loved them!

  2. 2
    Kim Heggins says:

    Wow….so many more fabulous and beautiful cards. Love your sweet little scenes you set up too for taking your photos, want to come over and help me do the same? And I really love what you did with that sheet of die cuts, you are just so clever!

  3. 3
    LC says:

    So sorry to hear that you’re under the weather. Hope that you’re back on your feet soon! What a cute set of love notes! You made some really pretty cards from the sheet of Pebbles die-cuts. You’ve given me some ideas for a sheet of die-cuts that I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with. Thanks for the inspiration! Again, really great photos!!!

  4. 4
    Michele H. says:

    Your friends are lucky for a classy lady like you! The notecard idea is adorable! I wish I could find some of that Pebbles paper near where I live! Thanks for the awesome inspiration every day!

  5. 5
    Carol McGregor says:

    Sorry you are under the weather today. Hope you feel better soon. I love the kits you put together for the retreat. Thanks for sharing you wonderfull ideas.

  6. 6
    Carla Hundley says:

    Hoping you are feeling
    better soon! More fun
    cards, freshly like that
    first one.
    Carla from Utah

  7. 7
    jerrie says:

    Taunya, sending you get well wishes, chicken noodle soup thoughts and tissues. You can never be superwoman, she does not exist. We blog because we want to, not because we expect someone to visit and comment on our cards. If you do make it there to comment, that is a bonus. Life happens and time goes fast!! What great cards for the second set. I forget to use the premade sayings or gagets…Used one today I must of read your mind about the Pebbles pieces!! Get well!!

  8. 8
    Patti J. says:

    Sure hope you feel better soon, my friend! You’re right…you cannot do it all! I’ve fallen way behind in my comments too. Sometimes all you can do is start from scratch! I so love when you share these fun retreat posts! Great job! Hugs…

  9. 9
    Becca Cruger says:

    Oh sweet, sweet Taunya. We all get it and we all understand that you are not super woman. THANK YOU for being an amazing woman and for leaving brightness wherever you land.

  10. 10
    Cheryl W says:

    I think you’ve been working too hard, Taunya! These little love note cards are fabulous, and I can’t believe you made EIGHT for each person. Wow! That’s a lot of work, even if you did use die-cuts to embellish them. I am certain they all loved them so much and had a great time giving them away. You rock, my dear, but I agree that you probably can’t do everything. Rest your bones and feel better soon. The crafting world needs you!

  11. 11
    Jo says:

    Fabulous! what a great kit.
    Hope you feel better soon xx

  12. 12
    KT Fit Kitty says:

    Oh, Taunya, so sorry to hear you are sick in bed – I hope you feel better soon! Don’t worry about your commenting! I know it gets overwhelming at times – I needed a blog break myself! It was hard to do – I think I’m addicted to the challenges LOL – but it’s good to get some breathing space. Now about your sweet little love notes – it must have taken you ages to put together your little kits for everyone but so much fun to do! I can just picture how excited the ladies must have been when they saw all of these note cards! You are a very thoughtful person to do this, Taunya! Sending healing vibes your way, my friend!

  13. 13
    Sue Kracker says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that you are ill and I hope that you are feeling better soon. Your love notes are all so cute, a very thoughtful gift for your retreat pals.


  14. 14
    Lisa Swift says:

    Another amazingly creative idea. I hope these ladies know how lucky to have you in their lives. You are so thoughtful and kind and you’re always thinking of ways to boost everyone up and help them have fun! :)

  15. 15
    Lici Lee says:

    Hope all is well! I love the kit note design and the instructions.

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