You Are My Sunshine

One day I was glancing through my Doodlebug supply stash and got caught up on how totally cute this tree and sunshine stickers were.  I decided to make a wall hanging with it to remind me of all the Sunshines in my life!! I used supplies from Doodlebug’s Mother Nature collection!  The blue background paper with clouds was perfect and then I added dirt by tearing brown paper and sponging on the edges. I added details with stickers from that same collection of a squirrel, a bird, and some flowers.  On the leaves on the tree I wrote with an extra fine Sharpie the names of the Sunshines in my life!! If you click on the photo it gets bigger so you can see more of the details!!

Here is a photo of how my wall hanging turned out!!

Here is a photo of how my wall hanging turned out!!

I cut the whole design out to fit on the top of an acrylic 8 by 10 boxed frame I had used previously for something else!! It hangs in my craft room and reminds me to look for the “Sunshine” in my life!! Hopefully you have something, and if you don’t maybe you could create something to hang somewhere that is a counting of the blessings or “sunshines” in your life!!

Hope you have a SUNSHINEY Day!!

2 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

  1. 1
    Paula White Guthrie says:

    As always you do beautiful work. Love the heart leaves on the tree. Great picture or wall hanging for Autumn or Fall.

  2. 2
    Annette says:

    Can’t wait to make them in November! So cute.

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