Magnet Trio & mini Chalkboard Eraser

This trio of magnets and mini chalkboard eraser came with the Message Center I mentioned that I got from Savers. The bottom portion of it is a magnetic chalkboard that needed some touching up. The magnets were plain white wooden circles. As you can see I “cute”d them up with doodlebug stuff!

Using brads, paper, stickers, buttons, twine,and etc I was successful at “Cute”ing up these essential items for my Message Center.  I found the circles easy to decorate as they were 1 1/4″ circles.  I was able to use a circle punch to add details to them.  I decided the eraser needed to be cute on the front and not the top because the front is what is seen more.  So I used a fun fancy frill and a icon in yellow and green  in keeping with my color scheme.  After punching a 1/8” inch hole on either side of the oval icon I threaded some thin ribbon through the holes and then knotted the ribbon on top of the sticker.  See photo to get this. :)  I love daisies as my blog says so when I “cute” things up they usually factor in somewhere along with my favorite color yellow!  I sure hope when you make cute, beautiful things to add to your life that you include your favorite colors and things!!  I will be posting soon a picture of the completed message center – mini bunting and all!!

6 thoughts on “Magnet Trio & mini Chalkboard Eraser

  1. 1
    jamyrbz says:

    Love the magnets, so cute and something I could do!

  2. 2
    leslie says:

    I love the little eraser embellished so cute!

  3. 3

    So clever to take something inexpensive & doll it up. I love it!

  4. 4
    Alene says:

    You are so pro at “cute-ing” things up! I always wondered how you managed to make all your Thank You notes, gifts and hand-outs look so dang fun and yet you still had time to be a mom. Now I know your secret! Cute gal…cute stuff!

  5. 5
    Marcelle Troyna says:

    SoOoO cute Taunya! I love all the things that you create, especially with your favorite doodlebug products. Adorable!

  6. 6
    Tamra says:

    You always make the cutest things!!! I wish I had your gift! 😉

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