Beautiful Things Notebook

All right – so here we go.  I am ready to do this blogging thing! I even made a notebook so I can plan what I will blog about.  I made it using my beloved Doodlebug Products that I had and cuted it up! (Or made it beautiful – which is the point and the goal of my blog)  I used a regular spiral notebook.  Measured the front to cut my cover piece to fit and then I used the Hello Spring line of Doodlebug products that matched each other to make it beautiful & fun.  It is so easy to use a theme set from Doodlebug because they have cute cuts, icons, 12 by 12 paper, fancy frills and more that coordinate and make it so fun to create something with!

My Plan to make Beautiful Things & Blog about it

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Things Notebook

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    Looks good, Mom! I’ve subscribed to your blog so I can stay updated! Let me know if you or Dad need any help with WordPress. I’ve used it quite a bit. Love ya. JB

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    Daisies Girl says:

    Gee thanks JB – I actually do have a question about WordPress – maybe you can help me?!?

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